How to Edit and Import Revolution Slider Slides on the Bridge Theme for WordPress

The Revolution Slider

Having a slider is a great way to improve your websites professional look. The Revolution Slider is on the Bridge Theme for WordPress. This slider slides through multiple images giving you lots of ways to increase movement on your webpage. Today’s tutorial will teaching you how to edit and import slides for the Revolution Slider.

Start by going to the Dashboard on the backend editor of your WordPress site. Click on the ‘Slider Revolution’ tab. We’ve made a blog to help with Qode Slider, and Revolution Slider comes with that. You can click here to see that post.

Creating Your Slider

Start off by starting a new slider in Slider Revolution. This will take you to all the editing options available. You can add a title and a slug and it will create shortcode for you. Once this is saved, you’ll be taken to the slide editor.

When editing the slide, the programming is a lot like Adobe Photoshop. When adding an image, you click ‘Add Layer’ and you can add text or and image from there. There are many options to play around with in here, so find what you like best.

We wanted to change some of the general settings. For this, we went back to the ‘Slider Settings’ tab, then clicked on ‘General Settings’ on the right hand side. We went into defaults and here you can change the slide duration, the progress bar, and other setting here too. Once you save this, add the slider revolution to the webpage you want it on.

Importing a Slider

Next we are going to show you how to import one of the Bridge demo sliders. For this you will need to know the demo slide number you want. Open up the demo slider and in the URL you will see bridge followed by a number. This is the number you need.

Go to the homepage for Slider Revolution and there is a button that says ‘Import’. Click on that and choose your file. You will have needed to already have downloaded and unzipped your bridge theme on your computer. When this is unzipped you will find a folder title xml export. When this opens there will be all the different demo options. Here you will click and open the demo number you wanted.


Once you click import, you can go in and customize the slider to how you want it to look. You can change the image and text to best fit your website needs. You might need to do some header adjustments to help the slider better fit.

We hope this tutorial helped you out in creating your own revolution slider. For a better visual reference, make sure to watch the video above. We hope to see you back soon for more tutorials!

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