How to Edit the Qode Slider on the Bridge Theme for WordPress

Editing Your Qode Slider

If you have Qode Slider on your WordPress website, you may wonder where to go in order to edit it. With an ever revolutionizing world, your website always needs to be updating and changing to match that. Updating your Qode Slider is a great and simple way to keep your website looking new and refreshed.

The first step is to login to your WordPress website and once you are onto the dashboard screen, click on the Qode Slider tab. This will take you to a screen with all your previously made Qode Sliders and you can click on the one you currently want to edit.

This is the part where many people have trouble and get confused, hopefully this tutorial will help clear the problem up. When arriving on the slider editing page, you’ll first see the text editing option for the text on the slider. You can find the slider editing option further down the page. If you don’t know where it is, it’s easy to miss. If you scroll to the very bottom page you will hit a section with the heading ‘Qode Generals’. It is there, that you will find the tools you need to be able to update and edit your slider.

Additional Qode Slider Editing Options

In the ‘Qode Generals’ tab, you see many different editing options. The one most used is the height editing option, which you find in the Layer Slider Shortcode section. You can adjust the height to be a small portion of the page, or to take up the whole page. There are different advantages to having smaller or bigger, for example a smaller slider will allow people to see more content and show that there is more to your page.

Going back to the ‘Qode Generals’ tab, where all your sliders are, here you can also create a new slider. If you want a slider on multiple pages of your website, start with creating a name and a slug. Qode then, will automatically create shortcode for you. Just copy the shortcode and place it on any page you want it to appear. On most websites you will only find one slider on average, but occasionally you can have multiple to add different effects and appeal to different audiences.

The Qobe Slider is a great tool and has many elements to play around with. A more difficult, but very powerful effect that you can add to your slider is to add a video. Make sure the videos you upload are short (12 Megabytes) so that they don’t slow down your site. You can find this tool when you edit a slide by simply clicking video instead of image.

We hope this tutorial helped answer any questions you might have about editing your Qode Slider and hope to see you back here soon!

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