Attorney Google Ads 3.7K to 50K in One Month

Attorney Google Ads 3.7K to 50K in One Month

Disclaimer – This is not a get rich quick or clickbait scenario, this is just one example of how well advertising on Facebook can go. There is no guarantee of anything in marketing, especially how much return you will get if you implement the following ideas into your own advertising. However, we have used these ideas in multiple businesses across the nation with very positive results.

Before we go over our top-performing month I’d like to just give a little more perception on what our process has resulted in for our client. In the last 3 months, we created a brand new Google Ad account and we spent a total of $7,969.31 in adspend which resulted in $87,365.00 in sales, for a total of $10.96 return on adspend for every $1 spent. And… We’re pretty dang excited about that!

Jeremy and I are not very “salesy” people. We’d rather the numbers speak for themselves. In this case study, I wanted to share with you the best “Local Attorney Ads” month we’ve had for one of our Attorney clients. I will also show some of the variables that are making it work so well for them.

Let’s jump in!

Attorney Google Ad Results

We have been working with this Attorney for several months and decided to make a few tests. First of all, this Attorney also uses “Google Lead Services” which we helped set up for them.

Google Lead Services does well but it can have a limited spend. To scale and get more leads, this client decided to put more spend into Google Ads. In that last 30 days you can see the results below showing an estimated $49,199 conversion value from $3,720.44 spent!

Local Attorney Google Ad Results
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Top Performing Campaigns

We should also point out from that screenshot that the “winning” campaign types for this client have been the Performance Max (PMax) campaign and the top of funnel Search campaign. The PMax campaign in particular is a great way to find potential clients searching for Attorney services on Google Maps and put your name/business on top!

Performance Max Attorney Ads

Other High Performing Campaigns

The “Call Campaigns” and the “DSA or Dynamic Search” campaigns have also done well. Both achieved over a 5 roas! And the BOF is a newer campaign test but it will usually pull in some very low cpc for your brand name searches.

We’d highly recommend Google Ads for local attorney services. If you are interested in talking more click here to schedule an appointment with us. Thanks for reading!

Our backstory – We have been doing digital marketing in one form or another for the past seven years. Within the last year we have turned our focus to several industries including local law services. We have learned how to efficiently drive new leads from Google Search Ads, Google Map Ads, Google Local Business Ads, and more. We are not a “general” digital marketing agency. We specialize in running ads for our clients to get the lowest cost per lead possible.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your business, schedule a call below. You can also click here to view our contact information or call/text our business line at 801-396-2575.

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