Local Google Ads Getting Customers Into The Store For As Low As $1.50

Local Google Ads Getting Customers Into The Store For As Low As $1.50

Disclaimer – This is not a get rich quick or clickbait scenario, this is just one example of how well advertising on Facebook can go. There is no guarantee of anything in marketing, especially how much return you will get if you implement the following ideas into your own advertising. However, we have used these ideas in multiple Local businesses across the nation with very positive results.

conversion value google local ads

Before going into more detail, I want to show some of the best results from one of our local Google Ad clients. We spent a total of $7,182.99 on two separate Local Google Ad campaigns and had a total of 4,760 “recorded” store visits. That is an average of $1.50 spent on ads for each customer coming into the store!

Each campaign was for a different state and included several stores per state. This was over an eight month time frame which means we spent about $900 per month and received 600 RECORDED store visits per month… Very happy with those results!

Here is a screenshot of the Google Ad account for the client example above

What Is A Google Store Visit

I keep emphasizing “recorded” store visits. The reason I am doing this is because Google Ads isn’t able to attribute store visits for EVERY customer coming into your store who saw your ads. Google is only able to attribute store visits to customers who have opted into the “Google Locations History” program.

This means that the actual cost per store visit for our example above is more than likely even lower than $1.50!

Click here to view more details regarding what Google Store Visits is and how it works.

Note: This is a Google Image from the website listed above

There are, however, several details to be aware of regarding these “local store visit” results:

  1. Not EVERY recorded store visit on your Google Ad account is a “new customer”. Keep in mind, these local ads will show to everyone in your targeted area. This includes both past customers as well as individuals who have never purchased from your store.
  2. Not every store visit is necessarily a sale. So we can look at these store visits as a type of very warm/high potential “local lead.”
  3. Our client in the above example needs a lower cost per store visit since their average order value (AOV) is around $80. Other clients we will mention in this post have a higher AOV, so they can afford a higher cost per store visit.


Other Local Conversion Metrics

I know I am focusing mainly on the local store visit conversion metric. There are several other “conversion” metrics associated with Local Google Ad campaigns that I do want to mention. I won’t go into all of them in detail in this blog, but I do want to mention them since the definitely provide a ton of value for local businesses.

other local google ad conversion types

  • “Get Directions” – This conversion event means that a user clicked or tapped on the “get directions” button on Google Maps to view directions to your store. It is very likely that if a user clicks on this they are intending to visit your store 🙂
  • “Phone Call” – Again, this is a “recorded” metric so it is probably even higher than Google Ads is able to show. Also, if the user is calling your store, there is a high likelihood they plan to visit and make a purchase.
  • “Website Visits” & “Engagement” – A little less likely someone is going to visit soon if they just click to see your website or engage with your Google My Business account. However, it is a good top-of-funnel beginning for a potential future customer.


More Local Google Ad Examples

Now back to more store visit data! Here are a couple other examples of clients seeing success with Local Google Ads!

This next example client sells large ticket items in their store. They also provide a service as well that provides a smaller income that benefits from the sale of the large ticket items. Their Local Google Ads are getting store visits on average for $19.80. On average this client makes over $1,000 in profit per sale. Even if the cost per store visit was ten times that $19.80 amount, this client still sees a return on their adspend (ROAS) of $5 on every $1 spent!

local store google ads

This last example client makes several hundred dollars on average for each new customer through monthly subscriptions. Their Local Google Ads are getting between $17 and $20 cost per store visit. Again, even if these numbers include some warm traffic and even if not every visit converts into a customer, they are still seeing a high ROAS.

second example local store google ads

Thanks for reading! If you want to learn more about how we can help your local business, schedule a call below. You can also contact us here or use our website chat feature to talk with us now.

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