Facebook Lead Generation Ads Increase Customers By Over 300% In Almost 30 Days

Let’s break down why this business’s Facebook Lead Generation campaign was so successful and what “factors” you can use to replicate these results for your business.

Text from the business owner to Black Bear Advertising sharing her Facebook Advertising results:

What Businesses Should Run Lead Generation Advertising

Facebook and Instagram “Lead Generation” advertising is a great method for growing a business. Not EVERY business will be able to use this strategy, but this particular case study shows how well it can work for the right business (eg: a business that sells a service or a high cost product).

In this case study, a dance studio business owner was able to grow her business from 38 customers to 121 customers. That is over a 300% increase in customers and she did it in just over 30 days! On top of this, her customers are “recurring” and have the potential to continue to come back year after year!

What Factors Help Make Your Lead Gen Ads Successful?

There were several factors that made this a successful campaign for this business. First of all, the business owner didn’t give up. Even though 30 days is a relatively quick turn around time to see results for a new advertising campaign, this business owner was getting anxious just two weeks after the ads started:

Text from business owner showing a bit of concern for how much time “testing” would take:

Second Factor Of Success

So the first factor of success for this business was that she didn’t give up! She waited even though the ads didn’t show immediate results for her. It is not uncommon for some businesses to have to wait three to six months to start seeing the results they need.

Text from dance business owner as she starts to realize the ads are working:

Third Factor Of Success

The second factor for this dance business’s success was test, test, TEST! Success is also largely dependent on the business being open to testing new campaign objectives, ad settings, budgets, audiences, images, videos, copy and more!

A couple of conversations regarding ad testing between Black Bear Ads and this dance business:


In Conclusion

Generating leads with Facebook and Instagram ads can work really well! Give it a try if you think your business would be a good fit or if you would like our help, schedule a call below. You can also contact us here or use our website chat feature to talk with us now.

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