5 Tips We Used For Increasing SEO

Increasing SEO In 5 Tips

Do you have a website and want to know how to become number one on Google? We put together a list of five tips that helped us get our names out there and help us to start increasing SEO .

1. Name Your Business a Category

Picking the right name for your website is an important aspect to becoming number one on Google. In addition when you pick a name for your website, you need to think about how you search things on Google. Usually a person will search the location and the service they need done. For example, we are Mesa Digital Marketing, based out of Mesa, Arizona, and we do digital marketing. It is as simple as that.

2. Use the Right Platform

There are many different websites you can use to build your website. You want to pick one that you are comfortable working with since you’ll be working with it as long as your company is up and running. At Mesa Digital Marketing, we use and recommend working with WordPress. More than one-fourth of all websites on the web are WordPress websites. Because WordPress is very customizable and allows for different free plugins, like Yoast, which works with helping you increase your SEO. In addition to that, it helps with your Google sitemap.

3. Have a Good Hosting Plan

When you land on a company’s website, you expect it to be fast! We shouldn’t have to wait for what we want to see. Picking a good hosting plan can help, and increase your credibility. When we first got our website up, we used a cheap company that was giving us slower speeds, once we changed over to WP Engine, we not only saw our speeds improve, but we also jumped up 50 places on SERP’s (Search Engine Result Page). We also added an SSL certificate which Google is now docking websites rankings without them.

4. Use Google business

If you want your business to get noticed, start using Google Business. Setting up your Google Business account makes your business look more credible to those searching for it. And when it is set up, your business will pop up on Google when search. It will include things like location, pictures, recent blog posts and videos, plus reviews. All of which go into boosting not only your SEO, but your credibility as well. Google Business gives people a little look into your business and how you work.

5. Add Content

When we applied these tips to our website, a month after start-up, we were on the second page of Google. To get to the first page we had one last thing to do, ad more content. This involves blogging, videos, and new products. Doing this helped Google to know that we’re a trusted and active site. When adding content, you don’t need to go viral right away, just make them relevant and specific so that you can bring in your target audience. The biggest thing is to make sure the quality is up to par. Having an H3 headline that repeats your title and have good keywords that people are searching. By doing this we made it to the first page on Google and slowly got our way to the top within about 2 months for our category.

Doing these 5 steps got our business up to number one on Google in about a month. We have seen other companies have success with using these tips and know that if start doing these tricks you can increase your SEO, which will make your business grow.

Do You Want To Work On Increasing SEO Even More?

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