Facebook Ad Client Example – Nutrithority Supplement Business

Facebook Ad Client Example – Nutrithority Supplement Business

Client Overview

Nutrithority specializes in making high-quality, great-tasting workout supplements. As we have worked with Nutrithority we’ve had the opportunity of seeing them more than double their growth. Facebook ads combined with Nutrithority’s amazing marketing strategies have made this achievement possible.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

The success of Nutrithority’s ads can be traced back to lots of testing of 1. target audiences 2. content (images and text) and 3. landing pages (website pages) that produce results. We continue to test each of these factors as we build awareness of the Nutrithority brand and products while at the same time retargeting visitors to the site to help turn visitors into loyal customers.

Customer Review

Jared Review

“Incredibly easy to work with and very knowledgable!” – Jared R. Nutrithority Founder and CEO

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