Top 5 things killing your online business

There are many things that can kill your online business, these are the top 5 basic things that can really affect your image and your bottom line.

1. Not Having a Mobile friendly website

79% of users search on google before making a purchase to find a better deal. Most of those are done on a smartphone, if your website is not mobile friendly consumers will more than likely pass you by. Click here to see more stats about why it’s important to have good mobile friendly website in 2017.

2. A Confusing UX/UI (User Experience/ User Interface)

Online competition is steep, if there are too many clicks to get to your product people will fall off before buying. Also if there is confusion about what your potential prospect is suppose to do before they buy, there is a very good chance they will just drop off. They will find a website that is easier, faster, or just has a better overall feel to it.

3. Poor SEO

If you can’t be found on the first page of google you pretty much don’t exist. Blogging, regularly updating your website, having good hosting, mobile friendly are just a few ways to keep your site relevant and on google’s good side. Click here to learn more about SEO, and HERE to read about how hosting can affect your SEO rankings.

4. Your Sales funnel

Similar to UX, people need to be lead along as they are trying to make a purchase, don’t leave guessing what to do next. Put a clear path in front of them. Make it so obvious that even the most technologically challenged person knows what they need to next in order to get what they want. Also most people just want their product so keep these funnels precise and short. After they have purchased then you can keep the funnel going with upsells and endless email campaign…

5. Marketing Automation

Or lack of marketing automation to be more precise. Marketing automation can take the place of an entire employee depending on your company and what you do. Without these automations in place you could be spending all your time doing tasks that can be done without lifting a finger once they are set up! There are automations for booking appointments, sending emails, and posting to social media straight from your website. There are many software companies that provide marketing automation. Some are even start out FREE! Clickfunnels, MailChimp, and Infusionsoft are great places to start and all provide a great value. Check out our MailChimp tutorial here.


These are some of the basics, and our pick for the top 5 things killing your online business. If you business is struggling in any of these areas click here for help! Share your thoughts on the top 5 killers in the comments below.

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