MailChimp Marketing Automation

How do businesses automatically email and interact with their customers? What resources are available for marketing automation and how much does it cost? If you’ve asked these questions you are going to love MailChimp’s free marketing automation software!

How to Use MailChimp Marketing Automation Feature

In this video you will learn the basics behind setting up a MailChimp automation campaign.  This video uses the example of a product purchased from an ecommerce website. But the sky is the limit with how you choose to set it up for your business! Other possible uses are for automatic welcome emails for new subscribers, smart emails based on link triggers, abandoned cart email reminders and lots more.

Keep in mind, this video doesn’t go into detail regarding how to link your website or store to MailChimp. If you want to send welcome emails to new subscribers, you will have to know how to put the MailChimp form into your website. Also, if you want to have automation setup for your online store, you will need to go through your settings and add a short bit of code to your site. Click here to see the Automation sales page with more features listed. Click here to read through their guides on getting started with automation.

Need additional one-on-one help getting your marketing automation setup? We would love to help! Click here to visit our contact page.

Enjoy the video and happy automating!



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