How to Install a New Plugin on Your WordPress Website

Installing and Activating New Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Welcome to our tutorial on how to install a new plugin to your WordPress website. In the video, you’ll get a visual sense to help you get started whereas here you’ll find the same steps. When you first get started, make sure to log into your WordPress website, and you’ll be taken to your dashboard. You’re going to see a plugin option. There are many ways to do this, but here we will show you the standard way to install the new plugins. Start by clicking straight onto the plugins tab and you will find the ‘add new’ button at the top. Now you can search for plugins online, or if you already have your own plugin, you can upload it right now and in the video, you can see how to upload from a zip file. From here we move into Visual Composer to install the plugin and activate it. Sometime the plugin will activate all by itself, but you may have to click the activate button. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and stayed tuned for more like it!

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