How To Create A Page In a WordPress Website

Creating a Page for Your WordPress Website

Welcome to our tutorial on how to create a new page in WordPress. To start, open your web browser and log into your WordPress website, you’ll open up to your dash board and you can hover over the ‘pages’ tab and you’ll see two options: all pages and new page. You can select all pages if you need to go back and edit previously made pages, but for now go to ‘add new’. It will bring you to a new page and here, enter in your title, whatever text you want, and any images you need. If you have other plugins, like Visual Composer, then you’ll be able to customize your page a little more. When you are finished with all your text, simply click the publish option, or you can schedule it to be published automatically at a later date, which is a great feature for posts. When you hit publish it will immediately open to view the new page on your website. If you found this helpful, stay tuned for more tutorials on how to use different aspect in WordPress like Visual Composer, adding tags, and making new categories.

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