How to Edit the Footer in the Bridge Theme for WordPress

Setting Up a Footer

Having a footer on your website is definitely important. This allows for more exploration of your webpage, along with easier navigation. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up and edit your footer using WordPress’ Bridge theme.

We will start by going into the backend editor on WordPress. From the dashboard, scroll down to Qode options and go straight to footer. Once there, you will see four options, more open as you enable them. Click ‘Yes’ on the top footer option and this will open up more options. You can change and modify from the default setting for whatever works best for your site. When you save this, on will appear, with no added information.

Editing and Adding Content

Next comes adding content. Go to the ‘Appearance’ tab and click on widgets. There are many different widgets here, but we are going to look at ‘Footer Column 1 and ‘Column 2’. You can click and drag different widgets to your footer to add content. For this tutorial we add a customer URL. We added a heading and some text in the video to show you how to use the widget.

You can change highlight, color, and alignment all you want to work with your website best. There are many different options to explore with in the Qode settings.

We hope this tutorial was helpful and look forward to seeing you back for future posts!

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