How to Add and Edit Anchor Text and Links for the Bridge Theme in WordPress

Adding and Editing Anchor Text

There are always those features you see on professional websites that you feel you cannot do. In today’s tutorial we are going to teach you how to apply one of those features. The feature we will be teaching is adding and editing anchor tech. Anchor text is what gives you a smooth scroll navigation for your webpage. This feature increases your websites professionalism which allows for better traffic to your site.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is log into your WordPress website and go to the backend editor. On the dashboard screen, go to ‘Appearances’ and click on ‘Menus’. When in the menus editing page, make sure you have selected the right menu to edit. You can click on the drop down option on every menu choice to see the different editing options. Here is where you can place your anchor text in the box titled ‘Anchor’. The anchor text should be the text for the page you want it to scroll to.

Additional Steps

If this doesn’t work, you need to make sure the anchor word is in the row you want to go to. Go into the webpage editor and find the row you want. Click on the editing pencil for that row. There is a box called the ‘Anchor ID’ which allows you to place your anchor word in there. Add in the anchor text you want, then save.

In Addition

We want to point out that a website will have very smooth scrolling if you use the correct padding. To accomplish this, go into the row editor. Click on the ‘Design Options’ tab. Here you can add some adding. We have found that about 60px is require for that padding on the top. This will allow you to scroll well and not be covered by your menu. You may need to play around and adjust the size to best fit what your website needs. You can watch the video about for a better visual representation of these steps.

Hopefully this tutorial was helpful in making your website, what you want it to become. Feel free to comment any questions you may have and we will get back to you. We hope to see you in the future for more tutorials!

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