Zero to $39,000 in Online Sales a 4X Return with Facebook Ads

This ecommerce “meat” client saw one of our Facebook ads and jumped on a call with us. Eight months later, they decided to start their business and have us run their Facebook ads. We told them the same thing we tell all our potential clients, “we hope to get up to a 2X ROAS within the first 3 months of advertising NEW businesses.” Of course, things turned out much better than expected!

Image Note: Yes, we rounded that 3.84 to 4! Also, at the time of writing this blog, A Facebook Ads Manager bug doesn’t add up certain columns so we manually inputted a few.

For the record, we did tell this ecommerce client that we have also had SEVERAL clients with brand new businesses get very high, profitable ROAS’s within the first 3 months. We always hope for this, but an almost 400% return in the first 3 months isn’t “industry standard.”

Starting Facebook Ads for a New Business

This meat client didn’t start the first month at a 4X ROAS. The first week was .5 ROAS. Second week was 1 ROAS. Third week was 1.5 ROAS and the end of the first month was around a 2 ROAS. They didn’t hit that 4X roas until the second and third month of running ads.

The ROAS would be even higher if we didn’t include all the money spent on tests. But after finding the right audiences and the “winning” ad types (images and copy), we were able to spend less to get more.

Warm audiences were seeing up to almost 700% return!

Cold audiences were seeing over 400% return

Facebook Ads That Get the Best Return on Adspend

Some of the best ads for this client were their short 10 to 15 second Instagram videos, but they also had high performing images as well. In general, images and videos highlighting the product and the product being cooked/used perform the best. This is a common strategy for “winning ads” for most clients’ businesses we run ads for. Produced videos and graphics can also perform well, but are not always necessary. Giving potential customers a simple video and picture of what they will be seeing when it comes to their door usually works very well.

Also, reviews at the beginning of the ad copy and any key benefits/product features (eg: “shipped right to your door” and “billionaire’s beef”) in the headline work the best for copy.

Bonus tip: If you can spend a little on PPE (paid engagement ads) to increase social proof (likes and comments on posts), this also helps with the sale performance of your ads.

Here are some examples of this client’s best performing ads:

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