Our Facebook Advertising Services Have Exploded!

MD Marketing Facebook advertising services have exploded! In a good way… The success comes in two parts.

What do you mean “exploded”?

    1. Targeting and Strategy: Yes, at MD Marketing we do have several solid strategies for targeting the best audiences (read more here) with great offers for a high return. But…
    2. “I’ll give you $6 if you give me $1”: The best part about running Facebook ads for our clients is that they pay us to make them money! They actually make more money then they spend on the ads and our service fee combined. Our average across all of our clients is a $14 return on every $1 spent. If they include the fee they pay us to run the ads our clients average a $6 return on every $1 spent.


Very few businesses will turn down the opportunity to trade $1 for $6 (we have to say “very few” because there are still some that don’t get it or don’t “believe” it). Obviously not every advertising campaign we run is a big success, but we have found a few key elements that have helped to keep that success pretty consistent.

Reasons for consistent Facebook ad success

    1. Narrowing in on a niche: Thanks to some good coaching and lots of experience with clients, we have found that working within a niche really helps keep success consistent. Our niche in the health and wellness industry helps us to spend less time learning and more time getting results for our clients.
    2. Focusing on ROI (and ROAS): When we first started advertising we were confused why so many company’s focused on “building a brand” with their ads. We were kinda cheap and very skeptical about whether paid online ads worked. So we focused on forcing our ads to either give us results or stop taking our money. The good news, it worked! And it has worked well for all our clients. Showing our clients a direct correlation to their ads and their increase of business and sales is both a good business model and the most rewarding reason for doing our job. We love to build businesses!
    3. Open and Honest Communication: Running ads can be tricky. Even with a niche things get missed, changes in algorithms happen and we admit it, we have made…mistakes. But! They don’t happen often and we never hide them. Surprisingly/not surprisingly, our clients seem to trust us more when we admit to them we messed up or something broke. We work together to solve the problem. We also always make sure we are on the same page going forward. In short, we still believe honesty is the best policy.


Bonus Reason for Consistent Facebook ad success

    1. Measured Results (Analytics!): Another important aspect to achieving a high ROAS (return on ad spend) and good communication is analytics. Campaigns and ad analytics help to keep us accountable for our efforts with your ad money/budget. The great thing about being held accountable is, “when performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates” – Thomas S. Monson. The Facebook ads manager software combined with Google Analytics when available gives ton of great insights for improvement opportunities when running ads. And at MD Marketing, we take advantage of those numbers for the success of our clients!


We have been gathering reviews and writing up case studies of our recent client experiences. We are going to start writing more blog posts highlighting the ad strategies that helped these clients turn huge profits. Hopefully these example will either help you as you run your own ads or reach out to us for help getting your ad campaigns started. Feel free to comment on this blog post with any questions or reach to us directly. We’re happy to help! Thanks for reading!


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