Facebook Ad Client Example – Lakanto Health Food Business

This is the first in a series of blog posts focused on successful online ad campaigns with some of MD Marketings clients. We suggest reading our introduction to this series if you haven’t already. This first client example is a health food company called Lakanto.

About the client

Lakanto manufactures and sells keto friendly monk fruit sweeteners. Our partnership with Lakanto has proven over and over again the power of online advertising, especially with the Facebook ads platform.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

Lakanto was experiencing success before we started working with them. They were looking to improve it’s success and make a more constant return on their investment. We started by testing different target audiences, offers and budgets. After several test we were able to help create a system with Facebook ads that consistently yields a 10+ ROAS (return on adspend) making them tens of thousands of dollars each month! We have even seen ads with several purchases and an ROAS as high as $70 for each $1 spent.

Client Review

Kevin Review

“They are Detailed and Execute on every project given to them. They are getting 13.26x on every dollar spent for Cold Traffic!” – Review from Kevin T. VP of Lakanto Marketing

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