Ecommerce Clothing Store Goes From $7K Months To $48K Weeks With Facebook Ads

Ecommerce Clothing Store Goes From $7K Months To $48K Weeks With Facebook Ads

Summary of Business and Facebook Ads

Time Frame: 7 days (June 2020)
Ecommerce Store: Kids clothing brand
Audience: Cold & Warm
Goal: Sell out inventory 🙂

Results of Facebook Ads After One Week

Revenue: $48,773.30
Adspend: $15,212.19
ROAS (Return on Adspend): $3.21

This clothing children’s clothing brand went from average months of 7k to having a 48k week within two months of working with Black Bear Advertising. This brand got a late shipment of products for Fathers and needed to sell them quick! We had about seven days to sell about 3,000 hats (as well as other shirts and products). The minimum ROAS (return on adspend) goal was a 2X ($2 earned for every $1 spend), and this would still leave room for profit if we could hit that goal.

It’s important to note that of the $15K spent on Facebook and Instagram ads, more than $13K of that was targeting cold (new or potential customers) traffic, the rest was retargeting “warm” audience (previous customers and/or customers already exposed to the products/brand).

On the campaign level we always start with three basic campaigns. All of which are optimized for purchases. Let’s take a look at the campaigns used to achieve these results in the screenshot below:


Shortly after the weekend ads started up we received this text from the client!



Adset And Audience Targeting

Here are our cold adsets, meaning these ads were sent to new customers only. Here are the “top of funnel”, cold adsets. These adsets show the different types of new audiences we were testing and targeting with our client’s ads for Father’s Day:


Within the cold ads, we used a mixture of interests and lookalike audiences (audiences created by Facebook that are similar to customers and potential customers who have interacted with our client’s business online). Both audiences were a/b tested and, in this case, both worked very well.

We also used the method of scaling sideways or horizontal. Meaning, take a winning adset and duplicate it and let it run side-by-side the original adset. If the audience you’re using is big enough, it works great!

Saturday we ramped up the budget and the business owner texted us with an update:



In the warm/retargeting ads we did a mix of DPA (Dynamic Products Ads) and new product ads:



Because of how limited we were with the warm audience size we could not put as much money into that audience However, we were still able to get a good return with ads targeting the warm audience. With this particular account, using an “all warm 30 day” audience proved to work best. This audience has everything from engagement to add-to-carts in it for the last 30 days. We exclude purchasers up to a certain time frame as well.

This situation was unique in that the client’s warm audience was not very big but the client needed to move a lot of products in a very short amount of time. This meant that the client’s business mostly needed to target ads to new customers.

Now let’s take a look at the winning ad:



This ad alone is responsible for generating $36,505.71 in revenue while maintaining a $3.5X return.

We found that with this particular client, a carousel ad worked the best. We used this ad over and over while building the social proof (comments, shares and post reactions on the ad).

By the end of the weekend we had moved 3,000 hats plus other shirts and clothing. And we got this nice text from the business owner.


We’ve narrowed it down to a few reasons why this week did so well.

  1. (The Season) The product was Father’s day specific and the timing was perfect.
  2. (The Product) The kids hats and tees were unique and in style.
  3. (The Content) The images were very eye-catching with the product squarely in view.
  4. (The Targeting) The audience was mostly all new with a target demographic that we defined after researching their brand.

Overall this specific month of advertising produced almost $80,000 in revenue which is almost 10X times the amount they sold in June 2019.



If you own an online ecommerce store and would like more sales and new traffic, reach out to us. We would be happy to jump on a call with you to discuss how to implement this formula into your business. Schedule a call with us by clicking here. You can also chat with us now by clicking here.

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