Beauty Shampoo Bar Brand DOUBLES Revenue to 76k/mo

Summary of Business and Facebook Ads

Time Frame: 2 Months
Ecommerce Store: Beauty shampoo bar
Audience: Cold & Warm
Goal: Increase top-end revenue while maintaining cost per acquisition using Facebook ads

Results of Facebook ads after two months

Since the iOS update has come out the marketing stage has changed, the ads platform is under-reporting by up to 80%, and doing marketing the old way does not work. We’ve developed this strategy and have since been able to scale businesses more efficiently than before the iOS update. If you’re struggling to grow or your Facebook ads have seen a significant decline since the iOS update rolled up try implementing this strategy to improve performance.

This Brand had only been selling products online for about 8 months when they came to us for help. They had worked with some of the largest and well-known marketing agencies in the United States. But they wanted to ditch the account managers and work with someone one-on-one who could help scale their business. When we first talked to them they were having trouble because the ad account seemed to be stagnant, they had experienced some highs and lows with the other agency but really wanted to start scaling.

The first month while working with this brand we raised budgets by 18%, and the overall revenue also raised by exactly 18%! We also increased overall traffic by 80% at the same time. this was achieved using many smaller budget adsets instead of a lump sum of adsets in one CBO campaign.

Month 1 shopify stats: 

Along with an overall increase in sales, we also saw an increase in all other metrics leading up to revenue!


We then moved on to month number two

This month we increased budgets again by another 12% but this time it was over Black Friday so our revenue increased by 54%! With higher CPM’s we were not able to increase traffic month over month but we still sent quality traffic that converted at a higher rate.


Month 2 shopify stats: 

The month before this brand started with us they did $41k in overall revenue, by month number two of working with us we had scaled their adspend and almost doubled their revenue. The holistic system we use for our clients can help stabilize the bottom end and increase the top end. It allows us to make daily decisions on the account much faster and works very well with high adspend.

In the past, we would only look at the Facebook ads manager and report overall success using their metrics, since the iOS update we’ve switched to looking at every brand we work with holistically. By utilizing the stats straight from Shopify or WordPress we can see a much clearer picture of what our advertising is doing, whether that’s stabilizing the bottom end for more consistent daily revenue, or scaling hard to break past plateaus. This system works!

If you own an online eCommerce store and would like more sales and new traffic, reach out to us. We would be happy to jump on a call with you to discuss how to implement this formula into your business. Schedule a call with us by clicking here. Or feel free to reach out via chat.

Our backstory – We are Black Bear Advertising. We have been doing digital marketing in one form or another for the past seven years. Our services focus on accelerating customer acquisition through the use of online Facebook, Instagram, Google and Pinterest ads. Contact us for a quote. We’ve tested thousands of ads specifically for eCommerce stores and have spent millions of advertising dollars in testing and getting results! If you’re interested in our services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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