Supplement Product Facebook Ads

10X Growth For Health Supplement Business

We’ve been advertising for this company for the past 12 months and have had really great results! Here’s an overview screenshot of the entire account.

Supplement Facebook Ads

Primarily with these 4 campaigns running, we are sitting a little above a $10 ROAS with 1.3 million made.

When we first started working with this company they were already doing well, making almost 80k per month on their website overall, but hadn’t run Facebook ads in the past. Now 8 months later they are pushing $350k months with Facebook leading the charge pushing them to the next level.

One of the best performing months with our ads system in place they almost made $200k just from Facebook!

Health Supplement Facebook Ads

Now for the good part, I want to break down this account and give you reasons as to why these Facebook ads work so well.

There is not one specific reason why this account is doing so well, but here’s the mixture.

  • They have a good, clean, and quick website that appeals to their audience.
  • They have a popular Instagram influencer pushing their products regularly.
  • They push their products only to women (know their audiences).
  • They have payment options.
  • They run sales and promotions.
  • And new product releases.

BUT the biggest reason their ads do so well is that they’ve sent enough relevant traffic through their website that their pixel knows exactly what type of person will buy their products.

This is a big deal, every account I’ve worked on that has a healthy pixel has always performed better. To check if your pixel has the right audience in it, run an ad with just a lookalike audience in it and check the results. If they’re not pretty then you’ll need to keep pushing the right audience in to build your pixel, use offers and discounts to get more purchases and let Facebook know who you’re looking for!

If you’d like help building your pixel correctly call or chat with us.



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