Facebook Advertising 3k to 100k in One Month With Facebook Ads.

Disclaimer – This is not a get rich quick or clickbait scenario, this is just one example of how well advertising on Facebook can go. There is no guarantee of anything in marketing, especially how much return you will get if you implement the following ideas into your own advertising. However, we have used these ideas in multiple eCommerce businesses across the nation with very positive results.

Before we go over our top-performing month I’d like to just give a little more perception on what our process has resulted in for our clients. We spent a total of $102,135.78 in adspend which resulted in $1,378,276.57 in sales, for a total of $13.49 return on adspend. And… We’re pretty dang excited about that!

Perry and I are not very “salesy” people. We’d rather the numbers speak for themselves. In this blog post I wanted to share with you the best “eCom” month we’ve had for one of our clients and some of the variables that made it work so well.

Let’s jump in!

We had been working with this client for about one year and getting good results all year. In fact, we averaged a $15 ROAS (return on adspend) all year with them. But November was different. They were going to run a BIG sale on some of their most popular products, and put a BIG budget behind it… Well, at least that’s what they wanted to do until they ran out of product because they sold out… We ran the first sale in the beginning of the month and it came back HUGE! The top campaign of the two was targeting cold traffic unfamiliar with the product, the bottom was targeting to warm traffic.

We were excited to see what the rest of the month would have since Black Friday was coming up.  In between the bigger sales we ran this awareness ad. Instead of a direct discount on one product or storewide we bundled some of their top products together and offered a discount on the bundle so that it would be a high AOV (Average order value) 

Then came Black Friday. We set everything up ready to spend some big money and get the big returns… BUT, three hours into the campaign we had to turn it off because stock was getting so low so we ended up only spending a small amount!

We finished out the month with a Cyber Monday sale which did OK compared to the others. And of course, we had the dynamic retargeting ad running the whole time.

We did run a few in between campaigns as well, but by the time the month was over we had only spent $2,784.57 and had hit $96,760.70 in sales! We would have for sure made it over 100k if the client had the stock to keep up. (always a good problem to have)



We’ve narrowed it down to a few reasons why this month did so well. 

  1. (The Season) They sell a sugar substitute and at this time of year it starts to pick up with the holiday season.
  2. (The Offer) They had not promoted a deep sale for a few months. They went all the way down to 50% off.
  3. (The Content) The videos they created for their ads were upbeat, trendy, and to the point.
  4. (The Targeting) The audience had already been nailed down after months of fine-tuning.
  5. (The frequencies) The combination of the sales and the dynamic ad made the ad hard to ignore for relevant audiences.

Hopefully this helps you with your Facebook marketing efforts and can give you ideas for your own business. If you’d like help implementing any of these ideas above feel free to reach out.

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Our backstory – We are Black Bear Advertising we have been doing digital marketing in one form or another for the past seven years. Within the last year we have turned our focus to health and wellness eCommerce businesses and have learned how to efficiently drive customers from Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube into eCommerce websites. We’ve tested Thousands of ads specifically in the Health and Wellness industry and have spent millions of advertising dollars on testing and getting results! We are not a general digital marketing agency, we specialize in eCommerce stores.

Thanks for reading and comment your success stories below! If you want to learn more about how we can help your business, schedule a call below. You can also contact us for more information or use the chat feature to talk with us now.

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