Why Using SEO is a Business Necessity

SEO: Your Business Necessity

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important skillsets you can have when building and expanding your business. SEO is working to get your business to appear as the first result on different search engines, like Google. SEO seems like a complex topic at first. People think this because it requires an ample amount time in setting up your SEO plan and maintaining that plan. Some think that SEO is not important to small business growth, but this could not be farther from the truth.

How SEO Affects Your Website

Statistics found from Search Engine Journal tells us that 70-80% of people ignore paid ads, looking only at the results that come up naturally. Natural ads are ads that use SEO skillfully and don’t pay to appear at the top. They also mention that 75% of people never scroll past the first result page. These statistics prove that SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use.

Forbes magazine has an article by Kelly Shelton titled, “SEO is a Small Business Necessity” where they go into depth about why SEO is a necessity and give six steps to help increase your SEO. You can view the full article here to see additional tips. You can search and find many similar tips and tricks online to boost your SEO. Sometimes the tips and tricks aren’t always enough when wanting to move to the number one spot. They are created to increase you by only a few spaces.

Here at Mesa Digital Marketing we have perfected a way to get your website to the number one spot on Google and we offer our services to the public for $249 a month. With this plan, we promise to increase your rankings, drive more traffic to you, and get you to number one. This way, you can focus your attention 100% on running your business.

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