Building Your High Performance Website

Having a High Performance Website

Speed is everything. We can see this in cars, food, and most importantly in websites. A website that people will go back to has high performance compared to one that is slow. Even a few seconds can make all the difference in having new customers, and not having any.

When building your website, the first thing you want to do is make sure you have fast website speeds. This will drive customers away and it is so important, Google factors it into your SEO scores. Statistics found on Envato, tells us that 57% of people will abandon a website after waiting more than 3 secs for the page to load. 80% of those people will not return. Half of those will tell others of their slow experience.

Not only will having a slow website give you a lower SEO rating, but it will also drive customers away. This is why having a high performance is very important. To make your website a high performance website, you need to find a good hosting plan. There have are many out there to choose from, you need to find one that is right for your needs. We recommend working with WP Engine. Consistently improving your website and making sure the speeds stay fast are key. But that takes a lot of work and time to maintain doesn’t it?

Here at Mesa Digital Marketing, we want your website to be number one on Google. That is why we are offering a $29 a month plan to help you get there. This plan includes making your website fast, securing it, and instantly making your SEO ratings rise. This plan has a $99 value, but we want to give you the highest performance, for the lowest price.

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