Facebook Ads, Health & Wellness, Online Advertising

Client Overview: Lean Kitchen Company saves customers time and money by supplying them with healthy, fresh cooked meals at fair prices; helping to prevent people from given up a healthy diet and from wasting money trying to eat healthy.


Advertising Strategy: We help them get new franchise leads from Facebook “lead gen” ads. These ads focusing on narrow audience that is both interested and able to start up a health food franchise with Lean Kitchen. We also focus on increasing local store traffic and sales by boosting and creating posts targeted to particular local audiences. These Facebook ads have increased both the local awareness of the Lean Kitchen store as well as increased sales for Lean Kitchen products.


Review: “I have been using these guys for help with marketing my businesses for a few months and have nothing but great things to say about them. They do a great job of listening to my wants/needs, helping me paint a vision and all the way to executing it all. I highly recommend them!” – Review from Austin Evans Owner of Lean Kitchen Company