Facebook Ads, Health & Wellness, Online Advertising

Client Overview: Fit Republic Healthy St. Joe focuses on helping the community of St. Joseph MO become healthier. They do this by supplying free information through their website and Facebook page as well as providing supplements and other health and wellness products.


Advertising Strategy: Healthy St Joe was already experiencing success before we started running Facebook advertising. However, immediately after we started running ads, their store started selling almost twice as much product. The Facebook ads are focused on a narrow local audience and made with great creative and well done images. We have seen an increase in sales for this client’s already popular products as well as products they have struggled to increase in sales.


Review: “I have been using these guys for help with marketing my businesses for a few months and have nothing but great things to say about them. They do a great job of listening to my wants/needs, helping me paint a vision and all the way to executing it all. I highly recommend them!” – Review from Austin Evans Owner of Lean Kitchen Company