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Jeremy Hammer and Perry Sessions

Founders of Black Bear Advertising

Why This Guide Works So Well

After spending over 3 million dollars on Facebook and Google ads, and working with dozens of businesses we’ve developed a system that consistently delivers results. And we’ve put them into this book, this is not a checklist of fluff, this is an in-depth look at how we run ads, strategies we use, how to read your ads manager so it makes sense, and more.


This book was originally written to be used internally at our agency for new employees.


In our ads guide you’ll learn:
✅The easiest way to increase AOV
✅The best methods to scale your Facebook ads
✅The best way to optimize and test your ads
✅What types of content to create for your ads
✅What audiences work best
✅And how to put that all into the ads manager correctly


We’ve used these methods to generate over 8 figures worth of sales for our clients. This book was written for e-commerce stores. Some of the methods will work for lead generation too, but these were written and developed specifically for eCom stores.


This guide will give you a clear cut path to winning ads and business growth.


This book goes into deep detail of how we spend millions of dollars and get high returns. This is a very limited offer. With no catch. We hope it helps your business get through these wild times. If at any point you need help implementing these ideas we’d hope you’d reach out and let us do that for you.