How To 3x, 5x, and 10x Your Ecommerce Sales
With Facebook Ads!

(without having to rely on Amazon or large email lists)

Are you FRUSTRATED trying to generate sales for your ecommerce store?

Are you FRUSTRATED trying to generate sales for your online store? ⁣
Liberate A Man knew they had the potential for at least a 2X return. They tried for a whole year to get it without much success. Within the first month of working with the Black Bear Advertising team they were getting a 14X+ on their overall return including our fee. ⁣

Book your free Strategy call if you’re ready for your Facebook ads to start performing at their best! We will help you understand the power your Facebook ads could have, and set you on the right path to making it happen.⁣

During this call you can expect: ⁣

• One-on-one ad account audit done by us personally.⁣
• A foundational roadmap for your account. This roadmap has paved the way for an average of $13.49 return for every $1 we spent last year in Facebook ads.⁣
• To Walk away from this call with a clear vision of how Facebook ads could work for your business.⁣

AND of course, if you feel like we’d be a good fit, we’ll make you an offer to work with us and we’ll implement the strategy for you.⁣

We strive for simplicity as an agency. We figure out the simplest and most cost effective way to bring in new customers for your business using Facebook ads. Then we scale it. This system has worked for years and our clients have seen phenomenal results. Because of this we also have a very high retention rate even though we are a completely contract free, month-to-month agency. ⁣Schedule your free strategy call now to get started.

About Us

Black Bear Advertising is a marketing company that specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads.


With years of experience and a desire to grow businesses, we’ve developed a system of running Facebook and Instagram ads that yield high returns while building your brand at the same time.